Free Download - An Introduction to Haiku

Are you a teacher that could use a haiku poetry lesson plan?

This booklet serves as a great lesson plan for teachers wishing to introduce their young students to the art of Haiku. Visual and textual examples are used throughout and it comes complete with a brief quiz and page for them to write their very own haiku. Free to use in the classroom.

Would you just like to be able to share your love of haiku with someone?

Perhaps you would like to share your love of haiku with someone else, but don't quite know how. This booklet is the precfect ice-breaker.

Better understand the art form for yourself

Don't have time to dig into the website right now, but you want to learn the basics of haiku? Download the introductory booklet and peruse it later.

This 8-page PDF is for you. And best of all? It's FREE. No email required, no strings. Free.